Why Buy An Electric Car?

2023 BMW IX xDrive50 Driving on Road

Get ready for an electrified future. The world’s top automakers are producing more EVs to meet customer demand in the coming years, and prices of electric cars will continue to decrease. This helps make EV ownership more attractive for everyday Denver and Boulder drivers.



With that said, there are plenty of perks to buying an electric car or EV beyond saving money on fuel because you don’t have to go to the gas station every week. Explore the many perks of EV ownership with our handy guide from BMW of Loveland as we discuss why you should buy an electric car!

Why Buy an Electric Car From Us?

Buying an electric car or EV has several advantages versus a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. The overall cost of ownership, reduced carbon emissions, and less required maintenance are just a few.

Let’s go over the perks of EV ownership:

  • Cost of Owning an EV: You might need to pay more in car repairs than your car is worth over its lifetime with an internal combustion engine. Not so with EV ownership. Electric vehicles are, on the whole, cheaper to maintain than their gasoline counterparts because they have fewer moving parts. Awesome!
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: EVs often include information displays with systems monitoring energy usage and other cutting-edge technology. You might feel like you’re piloting a starship at warp 10 rather than driving an EV in Fort Collins.
  • Environmental Impacts of Owning an EV: If you charge your EV on the grid, you still might be tied to fossil fuels if your energy provider generates steam by burning coal or natural gas. But you can also tap into solar, wind, or other renewable sources of energy to lower your carbon emissions while owning an electric car. What’s more, even EVs using grid power are still less harmful to the environment because you aren’t emitting nearly as much carbon into the atmosphere.
  • Maintenance Required for EV Ownership: When you own an internal combustion engine, you must keep up with services, such as oil changes, transmission flushes, radiator flushes and fills, fuel lines, and more. EVs require much less regular maintenance.

EVs also make affordable used cars for sale! So if you’ve been hunting for a fuel-efficient used car for sale in Loveland, you should buy a BMW electric car at our dealership!

What to Know Before Buying an Electric Car or EV

There are some things you need to understand before investing in an EV. But these shouldn’t hinder why you should buy an electric car. You still get plenty of convenience and perks of EV ownership.

Get Your Garage Ready for Your EV

It’s no secret that EV ownership is accelerating, and more owners are opting for electric cars. Even so, there aren’t as many EV charging stations around our area as there are gas stations. As such, it’s essential to get your garage ready. First, figure out what kind of charging station (i.e., Level 1 or Level 2) you will be eligible for. Contact us or call 970-292-5725 if you have any questions. Then, be sure to get the system installed promptly.

Your BMW home charger gives you up to 30 miles of charge in one hour and fully charges your vehicle from home in about 12 hours, most of which happens when you’re asleep.

Map Out Charging Locations near Loveland

In addition to at-home charging, you can also charge your EV at a public charging station. Why? You can top off your battery while you work or shop and also when you take a vacation or go on weekend getaways. Public charging is significantly faster than charging at home. Plus, you’ll get two years of complimentary charging when you purchase a new BMW EV from us!

Explore Possible Savings Via Tax Credits

Why buy an electric car? EVs may cost more than internal combustion vehicles for now. But when more EVs come online in future years, more electrified vehicles will bring prices down. What’s better, you may be eligible for a tax credit on your next EV purchase. Of course, here at BMW of Loveland, we offer money-saving new vehicle specials that could lower your purchase price.

Why Buy an Electric Car From BMW of Loveland?

We’re considered one of the top car dealerships in Loveland for EVs! Get behind the wheel of a new vehicle today to see what owning an EV is like. Contact us or call 970-292-5725 to schedule a test drive with our team. We think you’ll love one of these selections enough to take one home with you after you apply for financing.


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