Lease End Questions


Have a question, comment, or concern about your lease or loan? Worry not!
Leasing with BMW of Loveland will always be a positive, premium, and seamless experience. At BMW of Loveland, we want to ensure that every BMW owner experiences true happiness throughout the entirety of the lease or loan. We know that leases and loans can be tricky and can generate a variety of questions, but luckily we are here to help! With our support and expertise, you can easily learn about the lease process, vehicle turn-in, and any other area of concern. We are dedicated to providing a convenient and enjoyable experience for all of our customers, so we welcome any and all questions happily


Q: Can I get out of my lease early?
A: We would be happy to explore options with you as BMW has programs that may be able to assist you.
Q: Can I purchase additional miles?
A: Miles are available at a discounted rate if purchased before the lease-end. Call us to purchase additional miles.
Q: Can I extend my warranty or maintenance?
A: Yes it is available, options and prices vary by vehicle model and year.
Q: I did not lease my BMW from BMW of Loveland, can you still help me?
A: Yes, BMW of Loveland
is happy to process your lease return.
Q: Do I need a lease pre-inspection before my lease matures?
A: A pre-inspection will make your lease return go very smoothly. Contact us to schedule yours today.
In addition to these questions, we can help you figure out how much you owe on your loan, the residual value of your lease, how to certify your vehicle, and what your next steps are.


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